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Philip Grosvenor

Motion Graphic Designer

If time is a painting, consider Philip our Salvador Dali. For nearly a decade, Philip has been bending time through 2D and 3D animation to clarify the complicated and entertain the PPT-weary. A passionate creator and tinkerer, he combines old and new techniques to discover exciting new ways to bring ideas to life. So, the only thing surreal about your message will be how much the audience loved it.

Especially good at:
Bringing clarity to the complex through motion graphics. He’s a pro at explaining the complicated with as few (or even no!) words as possible.

Favorite part of the work:
The grind. Philip loves to explore, experiment and discover new ways to use technology and effects to create thrilling videos. He believes there’s always something better, cooler, more effective out there—as long as you take the time to find it and hone it.

Alter ego:
Animal (The Muppets) “He’s the ‘quiet’ backbone of the group, bringing everyone together to have a great time. He also believes in three styles of music—loud, louder and deafening. Also, ‘BEAT DRUMS!!!’”

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