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Michael Anderson

Senior Strategist

If you want your brand to pack a punch, Michael’s your guy. A marketing powerhouse with a rich background in strategic planning and activation, Michael helps brands achieve rewarding engagement across both old and new media. Blending measured approaches with rock-solid gut instincts, Michael expertly builds marketing plans, digital strategies and tactics that help brands maximize their potential and knock out competitors well above their weight class.

Especially good at:
Making things happen. An expert negotiator and trusted ally, Michael does everything in his power to achieve maximum value for his client partners and ensure no resources go to waste.

Favorite part of the work:
Collaborating to create something that’s never been done before. No matter the size or scale, Michael feels invigorated when rolling up his sleeves alongside cross-functional teams to imagine the strategic possibilities and lay out smart tactics to get there—and beyond.

Alter ego:
Mighty Mouse. “I believe there’s always a way to achieve big things, no matter how small you may seem or feel. With mighty strength and a dash of ingenuity, Mighty Mouse can defeat even the greatest opponents! Here he comes to save the day!”

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