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Linda Konkoly

Senior Director of Project Management

Some people juggle bowling balls, knives or chainsaws. Linda juggles something much more dangerous: our work. The masterful juggling ringmaster of our circus, Linda has over 35 years of agency experience directing world-class projects. She possesses an incredible ability to manage the complexities of the creative and strategy teams to facilitate a smooth workflow across disciplines without ever dropping the ball.

Especially good at:
Managing. Be it resources, workflow, timelines, or all of Seed’s creative personalities.

Favorite part of the work:
When Seed is clicking at full speed. It’s a great feeling when we’re busy and jobs are moving through fast and furious. She also loves the opportunity to take on new and inspiring challenges.

Alter ego:
Private Investigator. “Whether it’s getting to the bottom of a question in the office, or staying up late to put together the pieces of my family story.”

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