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Eric Scheer

Designer. Entrepreneur. Strategist. Three titles that continue to shape my work.

Eric Scheer

President, Chief Strategy Officer

Eric has triple vision. Don’t worry, his eyes work just fine. But thanks to his vast and varied career—as an entrepreneur, designer and strategist—he sees the world with full-color clarity and perspective like no other. Drawing from over 20 years in the industry, Eric is a true strategic leader, collaborator and embodiment of strategy-meets-creativity. You’ll be amazed at what you can see with Eric by your side.

Especially good at:
Solving any challenge your brand has. Having been an entrepreneur, combined with extensive branding, design and strategy experience, Eric has the know-how to conquer any obstacle. Past category work includes CPG beauty and hair care, CPG food and beverage, apparel, plus various luxury services and products, like hotels and restaurants, cooking equipment and spirits.

Favorite part of the work:
When a solution makes the consumer’s experience better, happier, clearer or easier.

Alter ego:
A Chameleon. “My career has been shaped by different people, experiences, philosophies and places, which allows me to look back on the past to effectively adapt to the current environment.”

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