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It takes fresh perspective to see the unseen.

Troy Geesaman

SVP, Strategy

Connection is powerful—just ask Troy. He’s a connector in every sense, bringing together ideas and action; learning and context; humanity and leadership. As a proven innovator who has led the strategy and launch of several new products on both the client and agency side, Troy also knows it takes a special kind of connection to find success with consumers. With Troy on your team, you’re well on your way to connecting with greatness.

Especially good at:
Discerning what’s most important. With vast experience across both the client and agency side of the business, Troy is an expert at seeing through the clutter to pinpoint the key things to focus on to yield the change you’re seeking.

Favorite part of the work:
Standing side-by-side with his clients to see what they’re seeing and feel what they’re feeling—so that he’s able to provide the confidence and clarity to move forward, together.

Alter ego:
Professor John Keating (Dead Poets Society). “He believed that words and ideas could change the world, and that we all have something inside of us that’s worth a great deal to share and contribute.”

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