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Thania Farrar

SVP, Corporate Innovation

Thania is always up in the clouds. Not in the aloof sort of way—in the altitude way. Leveraging vast and varied experience, Thania effortlessly rises above the day-to-day hustle to spot cross-category synergies and connect disparate dots within a single challenge. Ever aware of project happenings, team dynamics, industry trends and emerging insights, Thania takes on the role of sage advisor and trusted confidante, for teams and clients alike. (Plus the view from way up there is pretty rad.)

Especially good at:
Telling the story. Her ability to see patterns and make connections, combined with her strategic vision, allows her to translate findings and insights into compelling narratives with the power to move businesses forward.

Favorite part of the work:
Solving problems. When a client approaches with a challenge, Thania loves to help craft research and project plans that are uniquely tailored to uncover the big “ah-has” needed to break through.

Alter ego:
Nancy Drew. “She’s got some grit. Gets into some trouble. And with a little bit of luck—she finds the answer. It’s not always clean. It’s not always black and white. But it’s always an adventure.”

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