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Sybil Schooler

Building / Client Service Concierge

Plain and simple: If Sybil is involved, it gets done. With a history of leadership and superb organization capabilities, Sybil utilizes her top-notch task management skills (and her magic touch) to help balance executive workload and ensure the stage remains set for continued growth within the company.

Especially good at:
Making things happen. She’s a master planner whose superpower is pulling off stunning events and meetings without a hitch. She’s also a certified therapeutic recreation specialist.

Favorite part of the work:
When she’s able to make Susan’s day easier. She’s intrigued by the innovation and strategy business, and loves having the opportunity to watch Susan and team in action.

Alter ego:
Oprah. “I love connecting to genuine people and hearing their stories. It’s important to me that I have the opportunity to support and encourage others, and I hope that results in having a positive influence on the people around me.”

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