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Susan Jones

Great work is driven by a determination for success and enhanced by the laughs shared with good people.

Susan Jones

Susan Jones


Part dreamer, part doer, Susan is Seed’s founder and strategic visionary, directing the agency’s high-performing cast, rolling up her sleeves and digging in. She revels in delivering success stories—all while sharing the laughs that come with doing something you love with good people. Talk about a dream come true.

Especially good at:
Being a loyal strategic partner. Susan pairs decades of experience across countless industries with impeccable intuition to offer clients the leadership and support to guide them to success, again and again. Her deep strategic roots and passion for innovation, marketing and advertising provide the perspective and acumen to inspire teams to visualize a clear path forward.

Favorite part of the work:
Susan loves when the whole team comes together to create something new. It is especially fun when the client is involved in the process and can watch it become something wonderful right before their eyes.

Alter ego:
Princess Leia. “Strong, smart, brave and compassionate, Leia embodies the traits that I not only value, but that have also made building Seed possible. She has the heart of a warrior and the diplomacy capable of bridging galaxies, all while displaying the grace—and sometimes spunk—necessary to achieve her goals.”

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