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Innovation can feel impossible. But done right, it’s the greatest rush.

Steve Paljieg

VP, Innovation

In ambiguity lies opportunity. That’s the spirit that has helped Steve unlock an iconic roster of breakthrough innovations around the globe over the course of his career. As a devoted and intuitive strategic partner, Steve taps his decades of experience innovating for some of the world’s largest household brands to guide you through the unknown, illuminating possibilities and anticipating pitfalls—all to empower you and your brand to soar to greater heights.

Especially good at:
Predicting what’s next. After facing and overcoming countless challenges, stage gates, tough-cookies and about-faces, Steve knows what to expect at every step—even before others can see it coming—to help you masterfully maneuver and excel in any scenario.

Favorite part of the work:
Reframing conventional thinking to unlock the ah-ha. In his experience, some of the biggest success stories have come from asking the right questions, in the right ways, to illuminate opportunities that hadn’t even been considered possible before.

Alter ego:
The Energizer Bunny. “Just like that unstoppable rabbit, I have an irrepressible level of energy that keeps me ever-marching ahead… always working to tackle the next goal and uncover the next big thing.”

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