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Sandip Narang

SVP, Client Services Manager

Get in line. Take a number. Make reservations. Because everyone wants to work with Sandip. He’s likable, funny, authentic, caring and you’ll feel like you’ve always known him—but more importantly, you’ll feel like he’s always known your business. With experience that runs deep and wide, he expertly applies wisdom, lessons and advice in a way that not only drives your business forward, but also empowers your team with the know-how and confidence to make it happen.

Especially good at:
Adapting to change. In fact, he thrives on change. His agile mindset and varied professional experience allow him to quickly internalize and reapply knowledge to adapt to any challenge. From CPG to healthcare; branding, loyalty, technology and beyond; Sandip has mastered it all.

Favorite part of the work:
The people. Sandip is continually seeking to understand and connect with people—whether it’s his internal team, clients or consumers. This deep-seated empathy (plus a background in international hospitality management) helps him form rich connections and create perfectly tailored plans.

Alter ego:
Anthony Bourdain. “Travel is my passion. Especially taking the opportunity to immerse and interact with cultures, people, the land and new experiences. I’ve been to almost 60 countries—with many more to go!”

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