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Rachel Fagan

Associate Strategist

To some, double vision might be a bad thing. But for Rachel, it’s her superpower. With expertise in both business analytics and industrial design, Rachel sees challenges from all angles, empowering her to craft crystal-clear solutions with the power to move businesses forward. From compelling stories to rock-solid business cases, her innate ability to combine data and creativity mean she’s just the superhero you’ve been waiting for.

Especially good at:
Unearthing ah-ha insights and translating them into actionable plans. From her experience spanning research, reporting, concepting and strategic planning, Rachel can quickly sift through the clutter to pinpoint the items to bring to action.

Favorite part of the work:
Figuring it all out. Rachel loves rolling up her sleeves and digging into a project—sorting through mountains of info and designing a clear, compelling, thrilling path forward.

Alter ego:
A chef. “In cooking and in research and innovation, each individual component on its own isn’t necessarily the most interesting or tastiest. But combining those elements in the just-right way can create something magical and unforgettable.”

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