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Michael Laux

SVP, Client Services

We all know Superman has X-ray Vision. Well, Michael is a different kind of superhero—with mind-reading, inspiration-detecting Super Vision that allows him to see your big idea before you even realize it’s yours. But before you say “why didn’t I think of that?” just understand that, in a way, you did. Michael just has a way of looking through the fuzzy front end of your challenge to see what’s always been there. Just don’t expect him to wear a cape.

Especially good at:
Bringing a cognitive psychology lens to data and insights. With a Masters in Clinical Psych, Michael loves to uncover the “why” behind decisions, ultimately helping brands discover a behavioral breakthrough for their business.

Favorite part of the work:
Getting his hands dirty. Whether that means planning, analyzing, presenting, coaching or anything in between, Michael loves to get involved at every level of the process and help to make great things happen.

Alter ego:
Tom Hanks. “Similar to the way Tom Hanks brings many of his roles to life, I strive to find the bright points within every person, and help them see the true power they have inside them.”

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