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Maggie Ledbetter

Account Executive

Flip a coin—right-brain creative or left-brain analytical? With Maggie, you get both. Combining her stellar strategic chops with a pro-level data-deciphering background, Maggie masterfully weaves compelling stories that instill confidence and inspire change… the kind of change that means big growth for her clients. Maggie is a devoted business partner and multifaceted thinker, which means that working with her, you’ll always get the best of all worlds.

Especially good at:
Triangulation. Maggie is especially adept at blending multiple sources of information—whether qual and quant data, strategic brand foundations, secondary data digging and beyond—to create a cohesive, illuminating narrative.

Favorite part of the work:
Inspiring action. To Maggie, there’s nothing more fulfilling than arriving at a solution that points to specific, impactful actions the business can take—starting right now!

Alter ego:
Banksy (street artist). “Rebellious and a touch mysterious, Banksy creates insightful juxtapositions in unexpected places that inspire intrigue and spark conversation.”

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