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Maggie Huntwork

VP, Strategy

There are two kinds of people: those that covet beauty, and those that make it happen. Maggie is the latter. An experienced cross-channel marketer, innovator, number-cruncher and storyteller, Maggie knows how to effortlessly seek out and highlight the best, most unique assets of any brand. She combines a nuanced eye for detail and comprehensive brand management experience to masterfully lead diverse teams to stunning results. Basically, she’s your one-woman, brand strategy glam squad.

Especially good at:
Asking all the right questions. A lifelong learner of all the things, Maggie is especially passionate about connecting with consumers at pivotal moments in their life journey to hear—and ultimately solve—their tensions, needs and wish-fors.

Favorite part of the work:
Telling captivating stories. Whether sifting through data or connecting faraway dots, Maggie is an expert storyteller with experience across all channels, including digital, mobile, snail mail and more, who knows how to pull all the right pieces together to wow any audience, anywhere.

Alter ego:
Sherlock Holmes. “Just like Sherlock, I love to find all the missing puzzle pieces needed to creatively solve a problem, bringing everything together in the end for an exciting conclusion!”

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