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Lori Noel

VP, Client Services

Anyone can get ducks in a row. But Lori… she could make cats, squirrels or even jellyfish get in line (if she wanted to, that is). A masterfully multifaceted researcher with a penchant for organization, Lori digs deep into challenges to illuminate a clear, intentional path toward impacting your business in the just-right ways. Her ability to listen and intuit the needs of her partners ensures her projects are smartly crafted, strategically focused and well-equipped to lead to lasting success.

Especially good at:
Making a plan and sticking to it. Innately organized and ever future-looking, Lori is exceptionally skilled at defining a simple, fruitful plan of action to impact your business, for even the most ambiguous of challenges.

Favorite part of the work:
Connecting—with consumers, clients and team members. As a naturally magnetic people-person, Lori loves making deep connections and understanding the hopes, dreams, needs and more of anyone she has the opportunity to meet—and helping them to turn those into an outstanding reality.

Alter ego:
Air-traffic controller. “With eyes on the ground and upwards to 30,000 feet and beyond, I sometimes feel like an air-traffic controller on my projects—coordinating every facet of a plan with accuracy, foresight and finesse, all leading to a seamless, applause-worthy landing.”

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