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Kendall Nash

SVP, Client Services

Kendall is a unicorn. A magical listener and insights diviner, Kendall embodies the empathy and instinct required to bring together the right things at the right time in all the right ways—whether that’s people, research or resources. Kendall is an experienced researcher and cross-functional bridge-builder who always seeks to highlight the positive and ensure everyone is along for the ride. All with a sprinkle of joy and confetti.

Especially good at:
Making others feel comfortable. Whether stretching into new territories or digging into deep conversations, Kendall approaches every moment with grace, understanding and a pinch of playfulness to break any tension and inspire the courage to forge new frontiers.

Favorite part of the work:
Asking the right questions. Kendall loves that unlocking, ah-ha moment that happens when teams are able to think about a challenge in a new way or can suddenly see strengths and opportunities with fresh eyes.

Alter ego:
The Explorer. “I love venturing into new territories—whether it’s conquering a fresh trail, learning a new skill or creating something the world has never seen. And it’s a bonus when I’m able to share the fruits of that experience with others.”

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