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Katie Nash

VP, Client Services

You know how some people don’t waste any time beating around the bush and just get right to the juicy stuff? Well, that’s Katie. (She obviously didn’t write this.) Katie is an expert and efficient translator, distilling conversations and data into concise, insightful, doable strategies to rocket your brand forward. She’s innovative, passionate, sharp and tenacious. Basically—you want her on your team. Period.

Especially good at:
Getting to those bigger, business-changing insights. Having spent 14 years on the brand-side of the business, Katie is exceptionally skilled at digging through everything available to uncover what’s really going to make a difference. Her past work has earned her a reputation of being one of our restaurant biz savants.

Favorite part of the work:
Witnessing the building power of the group. Katie loves digging in with the cross-functional team, devising the most impactful product for each step of the process, and experiencing the awe of an end result that’s so much greater than any one piece.

Alter ego:
Misty May-Treanor (Olympic beach volleyball player). “She’s fiery, competitive, hardworking and accountable. She’s got the grit and determination to be the best, and to bring the best out in her partner.”

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