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Kathy Jeffery

Director, Account Management

Kathy is our matchmaker. Steeped in expertise across almost all disciplines, Kathy has the unparalleled ability to spot efficiencies and outages, connecting the right people to the right opportunities, right on time. A hands-on strategist, manager, facilitator and analyst, Kathy possesses the insight and experience that allows her to flow teams in and out of projects, maximizing productivity. Now that’s a true love connection.

Especially good at:
Treasure hunting (not the pirate kind). Kathy loves digging into ambiguous challenges to uncover the “gold” hiding within—spotting patterns, distilling ah-has, and formulating clear steps forward… whether that’s in the form of data, organizational efficiencies or actionable insights.

Favorite part of the work:
Workshopping a solution. Collaborating with teams to understand, brainstorm and pressure-test ideas, Kathy’s passion lies in helping to facilitate those rich conversations that result in exciting opportunities.

Alter ego:
Amélie (from the 2001 French rom com of the same name). “While she’s shy and serious on the outside, her mind is always whirling through wonderful, whimsical, clever thoughts. Plus, she’s from Paris—what’s not to love about that?”

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