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Sometimes it takes an engineer to solve a creative marketing challenge.

John McSherry

Chief Pilot

Imagine Top Gun without the awkward locker room scenes… or volleyball games… or reckless bravado… and you’ll know where John gets his mojo. As a former fighter pilot for the US Navy, John brings the same rigor and speed (give or take a Mach) to Seed, flying and managing the company plane, overseeing technology needs and helping to manage Seed’s online consumer research tools.

Especially good at:
Flying planes and approaching obstacles from a different point of view. A self-taught programmer and a 20-year Navy fighter pilot, he brings a unique perspective to creative problem solving.

Favorite part of the work:
Using his technical background to help others solve problems they are struggling with. Also, he gets a great deal of satisfaction delivering Seedlings to hard-to-reach destinations, and significantly reducing their travel time and effort compared to the commercial airlines.

Alter ego:
Matt Damon’s character from “The Martian.” “When presented with a problem of near-unimaginable proportion, he rolled up his sleeves and decided, ‘I’m gonna science the crap out of this.’ I believe you can overcome nearly anything by breaking it down into smaller pieces and tackling them one at a time.”

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