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Jim Kershaw

VP, Sr. Account Executive

Jim is a diplomat. Forging fruitful alliances between the world of data and spreadsheets, and that of strategies and action. As the best liaisons do, he brings out the best of each, while also enabling them both to thrive. Jim brings deep expertise in a variety of categories, challenges and verticals, which allows him to operate with efficiency and wisdom—no matter what part of the research world he’s in.

Especially good at:
Finding order in chaos. Jim effortlessly sifts through ambiguity to discover the through-line that inspires action. His experience ranges a breathe of categories, with particular emphasis on healthcare, insurance, financial services and retail.

Favorite part of the work:
Witnessing an important decision put into action, supported with the confidence afforded by our work to clarify the opportunity and minimize the risk.

Alter ego:
Ken Burns. “He immerses himself in his subject with zeal, gathering facts with precision and rigor. He then synthesizes the learnings in a way that not only tells a compelling story about the past, but also deepens our understanding of the present, and helps us anticipate the future.”

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