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Jeff Johns

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Jeff Johns

SVP, Creative Director

Let me paint the picture: if you need a larger-than-life vision brought to real-life, Jeff is just the artist to do it. With over two decades of experience and a passion for consumer-first innovation, Jeff inspires and activates compelling creative—from packaging to branding to social media and beyond. His boundary-busting thought leadership and gallery-worthy design provides the perfect canvas for achieving your wildest dreams, all in vivid color.

Especially good at:
Delivering distinct and resonant design solutions across a wide range of consumer product categories and environments. Specialties include consumer co-creation, branding, data visualization, social media, new product development and more.

Favorite part of the work:
Collaborating with the team to push the end product way beyond our wildest dreams, delivering something that simplifies consumers’ lives in a fresh way.

Alter ego:
A Grower. “From planting trees, to growing brands, to consistently increasing my painting portfolio, nothing is more fulfilling than planting the seed for the next ‘tree.’ With a little patience, knowledge and persistence, you can grow whatever you put your mind to—and receive the most gratifying reward.”

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