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Chuck White

VP, Client Services

Ommm. Feel that sense of calm? Chuck must be here. For over 20 years, Chuck has honed his diverse expertise to inspire authentic partnerships with his clients and their businesses, breaking down complex challenges into doable action steps. His clear perspective and personalized approach create deep connections—across industries, insights or opportunities—so that whatever you set your intention to, with Chuck on your team, it’s sure to come to fruition.

Especially good at:
Making the complex seem clear. Chuck taps his extensive experience across industries to dissect even the messiest challenges to reveal not only the clear steps forward, but also the rich opportunities that lie ahead. A man of many disciplines, he’s spent ample time focused on telecom and communications, financial services, automotive, B2B, healthcare and pharma, retail, CPG, logistics and more.

Favorite part of the work:
The hunt. That is, digging into a challenge, arm-in-arm with his client partners, to unlock opportunities, understand needs and unearth big insights.

Alter ego:
A yogi. “In work and in life, I aim to be a trusted partner and advisor who calmly listens, provides clarity and brings out the best in others. And that all starts with being present in the moment.”

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