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Christie Reckman

SVP, Client Services

Have you ever wanted to know a spy? Us too. But actually, knowing Christie is even better. She’s a seasoned data detective and fearless partner who can piece together disparate sources of intel to form one cohesive plan of action. She deftly coordinates multiple departments and perspectives, dipping into her (not-so-)secret toolkit of analytical methodologies to efficiently deliver your business the game-changing scoop. Wait, maybe she IS a spy…

Especially good at:
Empowering her team to shine. An inspiring leader and insightful connector, Christie fosters an open, collaborative and supportive culture for her team that nurtures smart work and abundant growth—for team members and her clients’ businesses.

Favorite part of the work:
Working analytical magic. Christie finds joy in using analytical tools to unlock the transformative power of data, revealing truths and insights that weren’t always apparent in the raw data.

Alter ego:
Dr. Seuss. “I admire how his creative genius was able to advance children’s literacy by captivating their imaginations with a simple message.”

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