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Andrew Bernard

VP, Client Services

Andrew’s kind of like a magnet (stay with us, here). For starters, he has felt a lifelong pull towards understanding the world through data, and has an uncanny natural ability to form powerful connections between once-disparate info—ultimately leading to actionable, business-changing solutions. Add to that his magnetic personality and you’ve got a positive force that’s destined to help your business attract the next big breakthrough.

Especially good at:
Untangling complicated business problems. Andrew’s a pro at connecting the dots and crafting a strategic way forward that integrates smart research with meaningful business solutions.

Favorite part of the work:
The beginning and the end. Andrew loves sorting through the puzzle of a project start, and eventually seeing all the pieces snap into place at the finish.

Alter ego:
MacGyver. “Resourceful, savvy and cool under pressure, MacGyver is a pro at taking his technical know-how and putting it to use in unconventional, yet effective, ways.”

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