Helping A Top Pet Food Company Have Its Day in the World of Pet Treats.

Help a pet food company assert leadership in the $10 billion pet treat category* by establishing
a multi-brand innovation pipeline that would increase category share year over year.

Give pet owners a fun, feel-good way to reward and bond with their furry family members.


  • Design and choreograph a Discovery Week event with excursions and immersion activities purposefully designed to help disparate groups across the organization learn about the industry, build empathy for the consumer and spark momentum for the journey ahead.

  • Utilize jobs to be done and strategically crafted innovation platforms for an intensive 2-day Greenhouse to build more than 400 idea starters and refine them into testable concepts.

  • Leverage the wisdom of the crowd via a Future Force prediction market to optimize lead concepts for maximum appeal in the broader market.

Seed’s work filled each client brand’s innovation pipeline for 5+ years, helped them reach every key global market (North America, China, EMENA) and delivered successive years of category share growth.


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