Helping a Global Technology Company Move Boldly To Outmaneuver the Competition in a Fast-Changing, Ultra-Competitive Industry.

Help a major player thrive in the $152 billion SaaS (software as a service) space* by strategically optimizing its portfolio of brands to spark long-lasting growth.

Leverage empathy to better cater products and services to the true needs of the different end-users.


  • Infuse a traditional market segmentation with actionable strategic directives and an innovation construct to quickly deliver growth.

  • Identify and match market opportunities to a mix of legacy and newly acquired brands, leveraging unique points of difference to reposition them for improved success.

  • Align market tensions with innovation platforms to carve out strategic opportunity areas that give the various brands in the organization a cohesive way to grow together.

Seed built a strategic framework that balanced the client’s 19 brands under 4 leadership brands, each with a meaningful connection to segments, adaptive innovation streams and a clear strategic direction for growth.


Strategic innovation and marketing communications services – a distinctive way of creating new product positions + brand communications
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