Helping a Global Nutraceutical Company Elevate Consumer Relevancy to Ensure Successful Entry Into the Growing Mental Wellness Space.

Help a leading nutraceutical company successfully expand into the $121 billion global mental wellness category* by identifying new demand spaces, adapting a consumer-centric innovation process and developing a strategic R&D framework to focus global new product development efforts.

Create solutions for the growing number of people around the world who are struggling with their mental health and are actively looking for ways to improve it*.


  • Utilize primary and secondary research to illuminate the global landscape, prioritize demand spaces and identify lead consumer design targets and their primary jobs to be done.

  • Develop a consumer-centric innovation framework and conduct a 3-day workshop of guided activities with participants from different companies, countries and cultures.

  • Synthesize ideas into idea platforms to be evaluated by consumers in three countries, with lead ideas moving forward for further refinement and R&D prototyping.

Seed developed a consumer-insights-driven innovation model that the client could leverage for future products. Additionally, our “white space” entry point recommendation empowered the company to champion mental wellness and strategically introduce new solutions that promise to diversify its offerings.​



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