Offering a Fresh Perspective for a Gum Manufacturer to Reinvent a Struggling Concept and Turn it Into a Game-Changing Global Product Launch.

Help a leading gum manufacturer whose product launch had stalled following several unsuccessful fit-with-concept tests.

Communicate the unique essence of the product in a way that fit the product’s performance and translated well across three different languages and cultures.


  • Understand the past efforts of our client and consumer tension points with the concept.

  • Unlock a universal insight to determine what consumers are seeking and what product attributes resonate with them most.

  • Vet and optimize concepts that align with consumer needs and bring the desired multisensorial, transformational experience to life through a Product Developer’s Playbook.

Seed cracked the code and provided the team with a concept that aligned perfectly with the product and experience expectations. The client team received the green light to launch, and the market embraced the product with such enthusiasm that it was awarded “product of the year” accolades.

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