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Sarah Cox

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Sarah Cox


Think art is unrelatable? Think again. Sarah infuses her artful design sense into every business challenge to inspire results that are not only relatable—but also memorable, actionable and undeniable. A diversified artist with a breadth of experience distilling disparate ideas and information into crystal-clear design solutions, Sarah is exceptionally skilled at curating precisely nuanced deliverables that not only move your business forward, but also prove that art has the power to unite us all.

Especially good at:
Organizing info. Sarah is great at capturing complex ideas and concepts in order to visually organize it—all in a way that’s intuitive, informative and lovely to look at.

Favorite part of the work:
When everything starts coming together. Every piece of art—whether a painting or a presentation—requires planning and research before it can start. But the real fun starts when it can start coming to life and the team can work to shape it into the final form.

Alter ego:
Lady Gaga. “Hardworking, evolving and unapologetically herself, I love how Lady Gaga is always exploring fresh ways to stretch her creativity and put her heart into everything she does.”

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