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Kevin Brummer

There’s no greater thrill than navigating through the possibilities to discover the one, perfect solution.

Kevin Brummer

SVP, Creative

If there is well-worn road to get there, chances are Kevin will be taking a different route, so strap in. Passionate, curious and strategically grounded, Kevin utilizes his rich experience in branding, advertising and innovation to instill an adventurous approach to every challenge, consistently surpassing expectations and instilling vibrant life into his work. Roads are overrated anyways.

Especially good at:
Innovating and dreaming up a stellar future vision for your brand. He also has a background in visual creative across nearly all CPG categories plus a wide range of industrial and service-oriented categories.

Favorite part of the work:
Kevin’s number-one goal in life, not just in the office, is to problem solve. He has an inherent need to provide creative solutions for whatever challenge is in front of him (especially if it gives him a chance to use his Swiss Army knife).

Alter ego:
Bear Grylls. “He’s all about assessing the situation, creating the tools he needs with whatever’s around, then figuring out how to get out of a tight spot—all with confidence that he makes it out alive!”

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