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Jaswant Singh

Account Executive

“In theory,” Jas is awesome. She’s an accomplished researcher, facilitator and manager, with passions for cognitive psych and bringing people together. But the best thing about Jas is that she takes all that “theory” talk and turns it into action. Action that sparks big insights and captivating breakthroughs, all with the power to turn any theorizer into a go-get-‘em doer.

Especially good at:
Connecting the dots. As a big-picture thinker with boots-on-the-ground research expertise, Jas rocks at seeing how nitty-gritty details can come together in just the right way to actualize your big-time vision.

Favorite part of the work:
Translating jargon into inspiration. Blending her advanced academic background with real-world know-how, Jas seamlessly translates nuanced research findings and business strategies into compelling stories anyone in your organization can rally behind.

Alter ego:
Anthony Bourdain. “With his open mind and positive spirit, he was able to bring people from different walks of life together and share their perspectives for the better. By doing so, the world listened to voices that they may not have otherwise—which is the same attitude I strive to bring to work. Bourdain emphasized how one small component of culture such as food was indicative of the larger human condition.”

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