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Cindi Jones

VP, Strategy

What’s clearer than crystal? Not much… unless you count everything Cindi touches. An uber-accomplished brand strategist, innovator, advertiser and researcher, Cindi brings a wealth of deep experience that allows her to efficiently lead teams to “oh, wow” insights and “ah-ha!” clarity. Her expertise in all facets of brand growth and development mean that working with Cindi not only puts you among the very best in class—but also assures you’re destined to shine.

Especially good at:
Brand architecture. It’s not just about organizing SKUs. It’s not even JUST about defining the distinct point of difference of your brand. It’s about crafting a powerful tool that empowers a brand to confidently make the important decisions that shine the way toward meaningful growth.

Favorite part of the work:
Rolling up her sleeves and digging in with her team. When faced with a big, hairy problem, Cindi loves collaborating, debating, untangling and building with others to arrive at the glorious “YES!” of everything falling perfectly into place.

Alter ego:
Diane Sawyer. “Always cool, never ruffled, Diane Sawyer brings an elegant curiosity that allows her to forge strong connections and unearth deeper truths.”

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