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Becki Cedrone

VP, Client Services

With Becki, her ability to understand can’t be overstated. That’s because when she listens, she doesn’t just hear what’s said—she can perceive what lies beneath. With expansive expertise across all verticals of global-powerhouse CPG companies, Becki has the uncanny ability to intuit the true essence of every need, to offer up personalized solutions that make you feel seen, heard and oh-so excited for what’s to come.

Especially good at:
Rolling up her sleeves to help devise a plan. Leveraging insights, asking the right questions, and uncovering ah-ha breakthroughs, Becki loves to work collaboratively with her team to forge the best path forward.

Favorite part of the work:
Building connections. Becki is a natural people-person who connects quickly and deeply, which enables her to understand you and your business in a way that feels like she’s been by your side for years (which for many of her clients, is actually the case!).

Alter ego:
The Bionic Woman. “While I’m not made of steel, I do try to channel the Bionic Woman’s extraordinary abilities to hear from miles away and move at tremendous speeds… two superhuman strengths that can certainly help my teams get far!”

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